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1997 – Silver service is oriented for a right-handed waiter. Thus to serve the food, the waiter stands behind the guest and to the guest’s left, holds or supports the platter with their left hand, and serves the food with their right hand. It is common for the waiter to hold the serving-fork above the serving-spoon both in the right hand, and use the fingers to manipulate the two as a pincer for picking up and transferring the food.


Planning a Fabulous


Event Planning

Event Planning We have 15+ years of experience in providing production and services to events of all kinds, including music conferences, celebrity charity galas, speaking tours. We offer full-service event planning and creative services for...



Fundraising Whether it’s by working with you to design a creative new way to collect funds for what you care about or you need help with the nitty-gritty of proposal and grant writing, we can support you.  We know how donors think, so we can...


Strategy and Consulting

Strategy and Consulting What are your values and beliefs? Why do you give? What do you consider “philanthropy”? We’ll work together to understand your values and create goals around the kind of change you want to see in the world.  From there...



We will support your event plans already underway with operations facilitation, volunteer coordination & more.



We will link you with reputable charities and act as a liaison for fundraising, volunteering & more.



We will plan and execute your next successful charity event with our full-service operation.


Clients About Us

I worked with Nicole for two straight years as Host of the Hope for Heroes Children's Cancer Fund event. What immediately grabbed me about the event was the clever tie with the show "Arrow" and the promotion around the event. It felt larger than life. She engaged the crowd, ensured everyone was comfortable and ran the program excellently. Nicole always kept me informed throughout the process and was a pleasure to work with in this endeavor. Helping kids and kicking Cancer's ass are a great combination, and so is Nicole Herring with any charity event. I look forward to teaming up with her in the future!

Jeff J.
Jeff J,Video Director, Bleacher Report. New York, NY.

We did it! Another successful event thanks to Altruistic Events! Your expertise and managing, ‘always with a smile’, helped us stay on track, meet deadlines and navigate challenges. Your set up and execution – all of the onsite work – registration, food management, silent auction organization and check out as well as dealing with issues (ugghh!) was met with happy determination which was instrumental in making our annual Top of the Hill event the success it was! We are sincerely grateful!

Kathy Greene
Kathy Greene,Chief Operations Officer, The Hamels Foundation. Springfield, MO

You and your team were a total pleasure to work with at our Big Brother Premiere event. I am thrilled that you were able to assist in us raising over $1000 at the silent auction. I did not imagine our small party was able to collect that much money. I'm glad I was able to donate an additional $250 from my ticket's proceeds. It was truly a very fun and successful fundraising event and I hope to work with you again in the near future.

Joseph Puccio
Joseph Puccio,Premiere Events LLC. New York, NY

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole in the past on a few charity events. Can’t recommend working with her enough. Her heart is truly in the right place.

Bryan Greenberg
Bryan Greenberg, Actor. Los Angeles, CA

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