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about us


In a complicated, ever changing, fast paced world, it feels more important than ever to be strategically focused on how you can do the most good in the world at any given moment. Altruistic Endeavors is a dynamic cause agency providing consulting services, advising, and executing philanthropic goals on behalf of individuals, nonprofit and for-profit organizations. 

Company owner, Nicole Herring, has dedicated herself to the development of long-standing partnerships, using her experience in fundraising, event planning and technology to steer individuals and organizations through the unique challenges of philanthropy; collaborating to provide incredible, one-of-a-kind campaigns with sensitivity and full confidentiality.

Giving of any kind…taking an action…begins the process of change, and moves us to remember that we are part of a much greater universe.” -Mbali Creazzo

about us


Dynamic. Creative. Passionate. Trustworthy. The collective power of our ideals guides every aspect of our business. From the philanthropic strategies we develop to the relationships we build, there is an enduring connection between our unique knowledge and social impact. Imagining a better world through collaboration. Encouraging the use of platforms and influence for good. Empowering audiences to become agents of change. Investing in diversity through opportunity. And creating initiatives with partners committed to invoke social and economic change.

Our culture is an essential part of who we are as a company, connecting the interesting path that led to our inception, and the belief in humanity that drives us forward. The way we act and interact is based on integrity, respect and a commitment to inspire social impact.


What We Can Do For You

Infrastructure Development

Altruistic Endeavors will not only come up with creative ideas for giving back, we can be a valuable member of your team and take care of all the logistics. From overseeing the creation of a non-profit legal entity to ensuring that your fundraiser goes off without a hitch, and all the things in between, we’re the team for you.


We will collaborate with you to understand your philanthropic goals to produce and design an executable action plan to maximize your social impact. Using the latest technology and trends in social networking and the digital landscape, we will also produce a marketing plan to amplify your message and engage your audiences and stakeholders.


Whether it’s with the development and administration of creative online fundraisers or designing interesting ways to integrate charitable components to your existing projects, we’re here to help. Our unique ability to engage and activate donors will help you reach fundraising goals.

Matching & Vetting

We will explore causes important to you then research and align you with reputable organizations. We help you avoid the landmines, as we carefully vet the partners and causes that want to work with you. By investigating every cause, opportunity, and stakeholder, we ensure that your philanthropic program is beyond reproach, avoiding unforeseen blow back.


From negotiating philanthropic spokesperson roles to coordinating volunteer opportunities, our proven record in nonprofit relationship building will work for you. Ongoing, we offer continued support acting as a liaison with the supervision and maintenance of relationships for established partnerships.

Event Support

Let our Certified Fundraising Event Professionals take away the stress of your event planning. We offer full service event planning from inception to completion, as well as event coordination. We work closely with you to develop themes, work through logistics, and to create interesting fundraising opportunities.

Need help with a service not listed here? Contact us!

our work


We’ve had the wonderful pleasure of working with and raising funds for these amazing nonprofit organizations!

our work


Jeff J.

I worked with Nicole for two straight years as Host of the Hope for Heroes Children's Cancer Fund event. What immediately grabbed me about the event was the clever tie with the show "Arrow" and the promotion around the event. It felt larger than life. She engaged the crowd, ensured everyone was comfortable and ran the program excellently. Nicole always kept me informed throughout the process and was a pleasure to work with in this endeavor. Helping kids and kicking Cancer's ass are a great combination, and so is Nicole Herring with any charity event. I look forward to teaming up with her in the future!

Jeff J,Video Director, Bleacher Report. New York, NY.
Kathy Greene

We did it! Another successful event thanks to Altruistic Events! Your expertise and managing, ‘always with a smile’, helped us stay on track, meet deadlines and navigate challenges. Your set up and execution – all of the onsite work – registration, food management, silent auction organization and check out as well as dealing with issues (ugghh!) was met with happy determination which was instrumental in making our annual Top of the Hill event the success it was! We are sincerely grateful!

Kathy Greene,Chief Operations Officer, The Hamels Foundation. Springfield, MO
Joseph Puccio

You and your team were a total pleasure to work with at our Big Brother Premiere event. I am thrilled that you were able to assist in us raising over $1000 at the silent auction. I did not imagine our small party was able to collect that much money. I'm glad I was able to donate an additional $250 from my ticket's proceeds. It was truly a very fun and successful fundraising event and I hope to work with you again in the near future.

Joseph Puccio,Premiere Events LLC. New York, NY
Bryan Greenberg

I had the pleasure of working with Nicole in the past on a few charity events. Can’t recommend working with her enough. Her heart is truly in the right place.

Bryan Greenberg, Actor. Los Angeles, CA
Jeremy Shatan

Wow, Nicole! You really outdid yourself. This was the definition of a multi-platform community fundraising event and you organized it and ran it to a “T”. I had a great time, too, and was blown away by the fun-loving fans, who are also so caring and compassionate. Many, many thanks for bringing this unique group of people together with Hope & Heroes.

Jeremy Shatan, Former Senior Director of Development, Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund. New York, NY
Dan Raisbeck

We have used Nicole to plan and manage events on more than one occasion. Each time we have been impressed by her professionalism, creativity and ability to meet deadlines. We wouldn’t hesitate to recommend her.

Dan Raisbeck, Co-Founder, The Cybersmile Foundation. London, UK
Kam Williams

Thank you so much for helping me find "Dream Foundation", a charity that is so close to my heart and based in my home country Jamaica. Nicole is amazing and no matter how hard the task is she will get the job done! Very professional and passionate. I hope to work with you again!

Kam Williams, MTV Personality.Philadelphia, PA
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