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Last week I teased that hopefully, this week I would have some information that would allow me to announce the inaugural event for Altruistic Events. Details are still being finalized, but planning is well underway for our first event — An Arrow Finale Fan Viewing Party with a charity twist to be held in New York City.Let me explain how this one came to be. If you haven’t checked out the Philosophy page and were led here by a link somewhere, Altruistic Events purpose is to produce events that help to reach philanthropic goals. The main way I would like to strive to continually reach those goals is through the power of the collective consciousness of fan bases. 

The very first charity event I ever attended was when I was a teenager and it was a Celebrity Basketball Game. The reason I went? Members of New Kids on the Block were going to be in attendance and I just had to be there to see them play. Years later, I attended a ton of events like that with other celebrities that I loved. Often, the buildings were sold out and tons of money was raised for the charities. 

Little did I know that later, when I began a journey into the world of event planning that the exact same kind of events would be where I would first get my experience. It started with a Celebrity Basketball Game, and through the years led to many other events including a yearly gala for a local pro baseball player. The common ground with each one is that I realized just how powerful the fans of whoever was in attendance was. Their voice and their money had a significant impact on many lives. When I realized just how much I loved being involved in the planning of events, I knew this was absolutely the kind of event I wanted to plan going forward. It was as if everything was coming full circle.

Why an Arrow party now? Well, my friends and I continually get together to watch some of the biggest episodes of the season and something just clicked in me during the last viewing we did together for the Mid-season Finale. The show has a really great following with a strong sense of community. So strong that the star of the show, Stephen Amell, has been able to successfully lead the fan base to do some really incredible work in the world of fundraising. Last year, in one campaign alone, over 1.4 Million dollars was raised for Cancer. I was completely inspired by the fact that fans are enthusiastic to leave a great impact on the world and I think it’s a really beautiful thing.So this May (date to be determined), Altruistic Events will be hosting our first Arrow Finale Fan Viewing Party at a bar in New York City. Though I’m not able to fully give out details now, rest assured they will be flowing as soon as I can. The venue, which has experience in hosting viewing parties, has been secured with a dedicated space for at least 100 fans. I’ve communicated with a great local charitable foundation that focuses on children’s cancer. I’m working on getting some good items to raffle/auction off in order to reach our fundraising goals. And I’m even working on making sure that fans that aren’t in the area and want to show support can also get involved. I’m really excited about what this event can potentially accomplish!

Stay tuned for more details to come!!

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