Ups and Downs


This Winston Churchill quote seems to be very fitting for the way I feel today. I needed that reminder.

Truth be told, I was thinking about starting this business for a while before I actually did it. And even after I did it, I had this ringing fear for it because I know, with what I want to do, breaking in and making connections with the right people is extremely hard.

So, as I’m starting the process of planning my first event, I’m being reminded of this fact. Do I have a reputation that precedes me? No. In approaching some people, do I have a person who can introduce me or vouch for me? No. Have I been ignored as a result? Yes. Has it gotten to me? Not until today. Will it be something that stops me? No.

When I first put the idea of the event out into the universe, I said it’s going to absolutely be an “If you build it, they will come” type of situation, so I’m not sure why I’m surprised after some recent events and why I’ve allowed it to knock my spirits and enthusiasm. But just staying committed to this blog and writing this post has reminded me why I’m here and that I’ve got work to do and need to remember what’s important here. The intention to raise money for a very special charity is still in tact and I’m sure that along the way there are going to be plenty of people to support that and help this whole thing along.

I’ll end this with a little tip. A wise woman once told me that “…all anyone ever wants is to be acknowledged”. It was something that I’ve never forgotten and it’s something I’m carrying with me into this business.  I know we live in a crazy busy world and you never know what anyone else is going through at any given time but a little acknowledgement and a response when necessary goes a very, very long way. Treat people how you’d like to be treated.

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