Arrow Fan Event: Charity Announcement


Feeling a little under the weather this week, but I wanted to make sure that I got a blog out this week. No better way to feel just a little bit better than sharing a bit of good news about the upcoming event with everyone!

When I decided to do the event, I wanted to make sure that I chose a benefactor that met a few criteria. I visited Charity Navigator and looked first for an organization local to the New York City area. Second, I wanted it to have a high rating, with most of the donations going to the cause and not overhead. Finally, I wanted to find a cancer related charity, as I know that this is a cause that the star of the show and leader of the fan community, Stephen Amell, often champions for.  All of this lead me to a charitable organization that couldn’t be more perfectly named for an event that features this show, Hope and Heroes Children Cancer Fund at Columbia University Medical Center. 

Funded in 1996, Hope & Heroes’ mission is to support and expand existing therapies. They support the development of new initiatives and enhance the research that is vital to continuing to fight against pediatric cancer. Almost half of their patients demonstrate financial need. Hope & Heroes ensures that every child they treat receives the highest caliber of care – regardless of the families’ ability to pay, which I find extremely admirable.

I reached out to the charity to get some more information and they are a really great organization. They are very transparent about where the funds go and the offices that run the foundation are actually on the medical center floor, which is impressive. They work among the children being treated every day. I’m really looking forward to working with them going forward and I think this event is going to be a great way to help raise some money for deserving children!

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