Philly’s Mystery Good Samaritan – #FindMePhilly


Last night, I was pleasantly surprised while watching the local news. They took a departure from talking about all of the horrible things going on in the city, country or world and decided to do a feature on a local man who’s made it his recent mission to give to people throughout the city in the most amazing of ways.

FindMePhilly, as he’s known as, is a guy who is anonymously giving $100 to strangers every day. He posts a photo or video from different landmarks in Philadelphia and gives someone 13 minutes to find him. If they don’t find him, he leaves a “calling card”. If someone finds him, he gives them a $100 bill and shouts them out on his social media sites.

The feature on Fox 29 started with the reporter trying to find him. They followed his Instagram and Twitter vigorously until he posted and finally found him at one of this drop sites. The most impressive thing was that he only agreed to do the interview if they would NOT show his face. He doesn’t want ANY credit for what he’s doing. He explained that he recently won some money in a contest and decided that he wanted to give all of it away. I love the creative way in which he’s decided to do it. Not only is he doing such a selfless thing by being so generous, but he’s also utilizing social media in a great way and featuring some great places through out a beautifully historic city.

It was mentioned that he’d like to continue to do this even when the money runs out and he’s currently speaking to potential sponsors. I hope he’s able to continue to spread such positivity. Let’s hope there are no people that come to find him in hopes of trying to do him harm. Maybe what he’s doing will inspire people every day to do a simple random act of kindness of their own.

Please take a second to visit his website, Twitter or Instagram to show support and follow this terrific journey. #FindMePhilly

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