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It’s been a long day. So long, I almost forgot my personal promise to make an entry tonight. I’ve spent the majority of the evening working on the website for the upcoming event and I’m going a little cross eyed from it. But I was able to make some progress with the help of a friend, so I wanted to make a quick entry to acknowledge the biggest support system I have with everything but especially all things Altruistic Events.

If it weren’t for an invitation from a friend to help her with an event, I’m not sure I would’ve ever entered the world of events. If it wasn’t for the encouragement of the same friend, I’m not even sure that AE would exist. At the times when I was being lazy and not knowing what to do, friends told me to get the ball rolling. When I get crazy ideas or have documents and emails I’m preparing but I’m not so confident about how they sound? I reach out to friends. Trying to do a website? A friend is there to help me along. Having a rough day where I feel like nothing’s going to go my way? A friend’s there to remind me things can and will change for the better, if I focus and put in the work. Just need a distraction? They’re there.

You get what I’m trying to say? Right now, I feel like there’s really no way I’d have hope that all of this can one day be a real, thriving entity if it weren’t for this support. My biggest, most influential support system in this venture and in so much of my life is my friends and I am especially reflective and grateful for ALL of them right now. Here’s to you, you know who you are! I love you!

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