Reality Sets In


As you know, I announced an event I’m planning a couple of months back. I wasn’t able to give many details originally because I had to wait for the Finale date of the show to be announced. I was silently working on acquiring items for the raffle, working with an artist on the graphic, and building a website. On March 12th, the date was officially announced and it was full steam ahead.

There’s a little momentum going and I’ve been working diligently to make sure that people are aware of this event. It’s exciting to finally see it out there in the world complete with reactions from people. Yet somehow, I don’t think reality really set in about how this is a real true first Altruistic Events party until I saw our very first Press Release. I was so impressed by just how this really does show all of the professionalism and work that is going into this event. Tomorrow, I’ll be announcing another way to fundraise for this event via a campaign to purchase apparel associated with the art shown on this blog, which will make it even more real, seeing this on a t-shirt. 

As each day passes, I go through a gamut of emotions. The positive ones far outweighing any negative ones. I’m just really excited to see how a gathering of likeminded fans will come together all with the thought that they will be doing something good for a children’s charity, while enjoying one of their favorite tv shows. I’m excited for the potential of what it can become and how it can grow.

For more information on the event, please visit

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