Fundraising Has Begun


As you know, the Arrow Finale Party is happening on May 13th. What you may not know, is that I’ve also decided to launch some other ways to participate in the event for people who may not be able to attend but want to support the cause.

Last week, a campaign on started. This campaign runs until April 15th and displays art designed by “Fan Art Friday” favorite, Lord Mesa. We have a goal of 100 items to be sold. There’s a variety of apparel ranging from hoodies to t-shirts, in many color options. Represent is pretty great because, it’s run a lot like a crowdfunding effort. Once the campaign ends and the goal is met (I’ve selected an option that ensures that the goal will be met), the shirts will print and be shipped out. After printing costs are covered, all profits will go to The Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.
In addition, I’ve made sure to have a donation page created at Hope & Heroes website. 100% of any donations made there go directly to the charity (just like donations made at the event will be). There’s a goal of $500 there and this will run until the actual event (and potentially after).
If you’re so inclined, please have a look at the shirt campaign at or check out the Hope and Heroes Donation Page.
So far, there have been some sales that are starting to make our fundraising goals take shape and I’m excited to see how this all comes together in the name of making sure some more children are able to get the care they need!

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