And now, a word for our Sponsors

No charity event can go on without the help of some very special people and the Arrow Finale Viewing Party is no exception. I wanted to take a minute to send a very special thank you out to all of the people who have agreed to give of their time in order to help make this event a special experience.First, this event would not have an identifiable image were it not for the generous hands of one, Lord Mesa. For those of you not familiar, Stephen Amell, the star of Arrow, does something almost every Friday called “Fan Art Friday”. That is where I was first exposed to the incredibly adorable and fun interpretations of Lord Mesa. He’s quickly become a favorite of the fandom, and people involved in the show, from the stars to the writers to the production staff. He’s as kind as he is talented and agreed to do the logo for the event very early on. He’s been a joy to work with and is the reason I even considered doing the Represent campaign at all. And it’s very special that he’s allowed us to sell apparel with his work on it, as his art is not being sold on apparel (officially) anywhere yet. For that, I’ll be forever grateful. Thank you, Lord Mesa! If you’re in the Los Angeles area, please make sure to visit him at the Free Comic-Con Day at the Culver City Teen Center on Saturday, May 2nd. More details can be found HERE.

Next up, our Master of Ceremonies, Jeff J. I first learned about Jeff because of my intense need to engage and hear about other people’s impressions of the shows I love. This is when I stumbled upon a really great podcast that is an audio review for Arrow on the website ADHD Show (A Digitally Humorous Discussion). I later learned of all of the shows ranging from Agents of SHIELD to Empire that Jeff and his partner, Krissy do audio reviews for and I can honestly say there is not a week that goes by where I don’t listen to at least one of their reviews. When there’s a hiatus, I miss hearing them. I reached out to Jeff pretty early on, as well, and he was excited to be a part of the event. I’m really looking forward to working with him and I absolutely believe that he is going to rock hosting this event! I only wish that Krissy could be there with us! If you’re interested in all things TV Shows, Comics and Gaming and you’ve never checked out this site, do yourself a favor and visit You won’t be let down!

This next one, I can’t wait to see at the event. I wanted to have a little something that the guests of the event will be able to enjoy and was throwing around the idea of goodie bags or candy or something when I started to ask around and was referred to a bakery by the name of Sweet Tooth Pastries run by Kristina Brunswick. I reached out and she was also very excited to be a part of the event. Kristina has generously offered to provide us with some creative cupcakes that I can’t wait to see and taste! Please take a minute to check out all of the really great and creative work she can do. If that’s any indication of what we’re going to see at the event, I KNOW it’s going to be amazing.

There are a few other people I need to thank, but I’m going to wait until after the event to fully thank them, as they’ll be a part of the raffles/auction. There’s an outing, apparel and art from a few artists, so far. I’m still on the lookout for items for raffle. If you are someone or know someone who would want to be involved in the event, please feel free to reach out to me at

We’re at 6 weeks and counting! I can’t wait!!

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