All Coming Together


First, let me start by apologizing for breaking my own promise to update this blog weekly. Last week, I was on vacation and the week before was pre-occupied with many things going on all at once. I’m getting back at it and won’t miss any weeks going forward!

That said, part of what I was pre-occupied with is still making sure to line up all the ducks in a row for the upcoming event, and it really is all coming together, which is so exciting! The Represent campaign, which ran for 3 weeks, met and exceeded it’s goal selling 114 items. It was a phenomenal effort and collaboration of fans sharing the word to reach the goal in the last day, with about 40 shirts being sold that day! I’m still floored by the way everyone came together and beyond grateful for the fact that we were able to reach the goal. In addition, donations have been starting to roll in on the website set up to send money directly to Hope & Heroes, which is also amazing.

Right now, I’m still lining up items and taking submissions for items that will be available for further donations at the event. Right now, I’ve got some great artist submissions, including the amazing Lord Mesa contributing some more original pieces, a pretty cool “experience”, a collectable bag, and t-shirts. Another interesting way we’re going to raise some money is that I’ve been able to enlist DC Comics Artist Phil Jimenez to come to the event and do some drawings for donations. I’m thrilled he’s decided to join us!

So, with 2 weeks left to go until the event, I’m in the final crunch and ball of emotions ranging from nervousness to excitement…mostly excitement. I really think this group of people that have decided to all be a part of this and attend the event are going to be amazing and it will be a really fun time. I’m hoping it’s the start of something that can be an annual positive experience!

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