Love Thy Neighbor

-c99b913c390e9c29Keeping with the promise to blog once a week has been proven tough once again this week! But I’m sticking to it. On Tuesday evening, South Jersey was hit with a pretty terrible storm. It looks like a tornado came through, however, we’re being told it was not one. I’ve heard something about it being described as “Straight Winds”. It happened pretty quickly and left quite a bit of destruction. I was left without power for about 48 hours. Which leads me to the title of this post. The first night after the storm, I saw and spoke to some neighbors I’ve never spoken to before. I’ve been in my house for 10 years and it’s a shame to say that now, so many people just keep to themselves and it’s not like when I was a kid when you knew all of your neighbors.

That said, this week, I learned just how amazing some of these neighbors are and how to be a good neighbor, myself. Tuesday night, there was a knock at my mother’s door. It was a neighbor bringing around sandwiches from Chick-Fil-A that she was able to get for everyone. How amazing is that? She even gave us a bag of cookies for my nieces. It was really sweet of her to think of everyone and she asked absolutely nothing in return other than a thank you. As we all had no power, I saw more people sitting outside and enjoying the beautiful weather on Wednesday. People not only saying a simple hello to one another but actually sitting and having full on great conversations to pass the time.

When it became apparent we would be without power for one more night, we were asked to come stay with a long time family friend. She took me, my mother, my sister and my 3 nieces in for the night (and day). Again, with nothing asked other than a thank you. And tonight, as my power returns, I’m offering to friends who are still without power to come and shower or charge or get out of the heat at my house, if they need to. I’m so thankful that despite how horrible the storm was and the aftermath we will likely still face for days to come, that I was able to see just how good people can be. Just how much we can step up for each other in times of need. Let’s keep this good will going!

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  • Jenn Posted June 28, 2015 1:59 am

    Saw the same in our neighborhood too! As we took Eddie for a bike ride that evening I made a comment to hubby that you would never know that so many people lived in our development! Whilke it’s grat to see the neighborly love, It’s a shame we can’t all slow down more often and enjoy more time without each other! In some ways I enjoyed nbeing unplugged!

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