1 Year Blog-iversary!

blog_anniversary_online_2 This morning when I logged into Facebook, I was reminded about sharing a blog post to my wall. That post was the one of the very first Altruistic Events blog entries and I couldn’t believe it’s been a year. Time has surely flown by!

I took a minute to reflect on how this all got started, the things that AE has been able to accomplish and looking forward to the things to come. Just over a year ago, I met a local business owner who shared her story on the rise of her business and offered a few suggestions. Because she’s in publicity, she told me that she thought that blogging would probably be a really good way to go to share what we’re doing, where we want to go and what we believe in. For some reason, the thought hadn’t really crossed my mind before that but the day we spoke was Giving Tuesday and it just seemed so perfect to start there because it’s so closely aligned to the things that are important to my business.

The following months were spent with weekly blogs and then a bit of a “eureka!” moment with some friends when I realized a perfect first event for AE would be a Viewing Party for a show that I was really into watching with friends, Arrow. The ideas started flowing and the planning began many months in advance and in May, the “Team Arrow: A Sincerious Viewing Party” event happened and wildly exceeded my personal expectations for fundraising for The Hope and Heroes Children’s Cancer Fund.

The next few months were filled with lots of personal turmoil and I’ll admit, things with AE started to take a little bit of a backseat to making sure that things were taken care of at home. However, I realized that I needed to continue the momentum that I had after the Arrow event. Ideas were flowing, proposals were being written and re-written and planning for the Arrow Premiere party was also under way, and in October, we were able to raise another $1400 to help kids with cancer. Also, in September, the Fantasy Football league for charity started. We are now rounding into the playoffs and can’t wait to see what charity the winner chooses to donate the entrance fees to.

It’s been quite a roller coaster for me both personally and professionally this year, but the most fulfilling thing has been being able to say that Altruistic Events is a living, breathing company that is on course to do exactly what I saw it being able to do — leave a good impact on this world in some way. I appreciate every single person who has donated anything, been present at or participated in the events,  and the friends and family who have helped me through everything. I look forward to being able to do another blog-iversary wrap up post next year and seeing just how much more we have grown. The sky’s the limit!


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