Conscious Couples – The Good Beginning

Technically, there are only four seasons in a year,  but there seems to be one other that we all at some point or another get to know pretty well — Wedding Season. Chances are, most of us knowWeddingGuestbanner someone who’s engaged and planning their wedding or soon will be. Let’s face it, a lot of cohabitate  prior to their wedding and the traditional wedding registry, while nice, isn’t exactly a necessity. They often have the traditional toasters, irons and silverware that comes along with those. Here’s where The Good Beginning comes into play for couples that are looking for an innovative and caring way to start their marriage.

The Good Beginning is an online registry for donating to charitable causes and their tagline explains the intention perfectly – “A place where couples begin their marriage by doing good. A source of inspiration and awareness for everyone else.”

When a couple decides to use The Good Beginning, they search for a charity or charities that are important to them on the site. If a particular charity or cause is not there, a submission/suggestion can be sent. Once the cause is selected, the couple can decide on up to 5 charities to add to their registry and are given a link to share with their guests on their website and invitations. All donations are tracked for the couple to send thank you notes, after the wedding. Seems simple enough, right? It absolutely is.

At a time when part of the wedding planning process includes the stress of finding the perfect couple hashtag, imagine the good will that could be spread when the Instagram posts, tweets and snapchats from the wedding also include the Good Beginning that the couple is making? Make sure to share this site with any conscious couple you know that would put it to great use!


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